Cacao & Singing Circle

Friday, 14.04.2023

Hosted by Willemijn & Angelika
@ Matlove Yoga, Weimarstraat 40, 2562 GZ Den Haag

This evening will be a wonderful combination of heart-opening cacao and singing. 
It is not about how beautiful you sing but exploring and enjoying your unique voice.

In a warm and special atmosphere, we will drink 100% pure ceremonial cacao together, Cacao, as a plant medicine and superfood, is rich in antioxidants and minerals. It relaxes your body and opens your heart. During this ceremony the cacao will support you on an inwards journey. Don’t worry, you will not be taken on a trip or space out.

If cacao does not resonate with you, you are welcome to join with tea.

During meditation, breathing, vocal warm-ups, singing mantras and kirtans we will open our throat chakra, free our voice and release emotions. Willemijn will guide the songs with the use of various instruments. Together we will create a field of vibrations and make room to feel the silence in between. Allow your heart to open by sharing the unique sound of your own voice, while being carried by the group. 

Cancellation – full refund 6hrs before event, otherwise fully charged.

This evening is truly for everyone.
Under some circumstances you might just take a sip of cacao and join with tea.
(high blood pressure, heart condition, use of antidepressants, pregnancy/nursing)

Hi, we are Willemijn & Angelika!

Sharing our passion for cacao and Yoga and being inspired by each other’s work, we first connected virtually. One sunny afternoon, during a Yoga festival, we met for “real’ – drinking cacao and singing, connecting from heart to heart.

Since then, our paths kept crossing and here we are, hosting our first event together.  

Curious about Willemijn? Find out more via @togetheryoga_bywillemijn