Hi, it's Me!

Angelika Hartmann

Ashtanga, Yin & Yoga Nidra
Prenatal & Postpartum
NUAD, Reiki 1 & 2
Cacao Ceremony Facilitator


Education & Trainings

2013-2015: 600 hrs Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training (Rosemarie Wagner, AshtangaVienna)
2015: 305 hrs NUAD Basics (Roswitha Wagner-Bretterbauer, AshtangaVienna)
2015: 30 hrs Yin Yoga Foundations Teacher Training (Josh Summers, Vienna)
2016: 200 hrs Hatha Teacher Training (P. Ramasamy & W.L. Chong, Tirisula Yoga, Singapore)
2016: 95 hrs Children Yoga Teacher Training (Andrea McKenna Brankin, Tirisula Yoga, Singapore)
2016: Reiki Level 1 & 2 (Wei Ling Chong, Tirisula Yoga, Singapore)
2019: 24 hrs Yoga Nidra Teacher Training (Scott Moore, remote USA)
2019: 85 hrs Prenatal & Postpartum Teacher Training (Amber Sawyer, HOM Yoga, Singapore)
2021: Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Course (Cacamo, remote The Netherlands)
2022: 10 hrs Pranayama & Kriyas (M. de Jong, Nieuwe Yogaschool, Amsterdam)
2022/23: 50 hrs Yin Yoga Teacher Training (Josh Summers, remote USA)
2023: 30 hrs Yoga Nidra Teacher Training (M. de Jong, Nieuwe Yogaschool, Amsterdam)
2023/24: Breathcoach Training (S. Monne, J. Pohan, Adem en Stem, Luttelgeest, NL)
Others: Workshops with David Williams, John Scott, Kino McGregor etc.

About Me

Home: born in Austria, living on Earth
Languages: German, English, Dutch
One big passion: travelling
Most delicious food: Indian cuisine
Heavenly luxury: a daytime nap
Favourite book: Why are You Here Cafe
Best places been: Nepal & Bhutan
Dreaming of: a beach tiny house
I love: connecting with people
Pssss, honestly admitting: I am a bit of a control freak (working hard on it)

My Journey

I still remember my very first Ashtanga Yoga class. The calming sound of the Ujjayi breath had me immediately and I fell in love with it. Breathing, moving, sweating, resting and unfolding – a lifelong journey has begun. 

Yoga classes became my escape from a busy life in the corporate world. The mat was my place to recharge. My weak and aching body got stronger, more flexible and healthier. My mind calmed down, as with every in- and exhalation thoughts and worries faded away. After classes, my view towards myself and the world was a clearer and kinder one. I have always felt the most beautiful after practicing, being fully myself. 

Following my strong desire to dive deeper into this ancient philosophy, I enrolled in my first education in 2013. Many more followed the coming years. Humbly, I am adding piece by piece to a greater picture.

Especially, the first years felt most transforming and life changing for me. Both physically and emotionally, I went far beyond my imagined limitations. I started to trust my clear intuitions, even though they often seemed very scary. Looking back, overcoming these fears, gifted me in the end always with personal growth.

Listening to my heart, I quite radically choose a new path. Despite all reason and loud noises surrounding me, I moved on from my life in Austria. Spending the following 5 years in Singapore, where not only my beloved son, but also Matlove Yoga was born. Pregnancy, giving birth and especially the postpartum healing phase gave my own Yoga practice, but also my teaching, a different direction. A new space opened up; one fore more understanding and acceptance. Living life in alignment with both physical and mental needs – on and off the mat.

Opening my own little shala made a dream come true and I can’t wait to share some Yoga sparkle at this wonderful place of the world.

Thank you

So grateful for my honoured teachers around the world, my trusting and supporting students, all my friends and family, my encouraging husband Jeremy, beloved son Mateo and Sean & Diana, the “legal parents” of Matlove Yoga in Singapore.

I thank you for your part in my journey.

Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim
(B.K.S. Iyengar)