CHARITY Laughing Yoga


Friday, 26.4.2024

donation based
(recommended 15-20,- cash payment)

hosted by Véronique

Postponed to a later point in time

✨ Spread some love, laughter and light ✨

What is Laughing Yoga?
Born in India, Laughing Yoga is a combination of laughter for no reason and deep breathing (prana). Anyone can laugh, without resorting to humor or jokes. The emphasis is on simple laughter, initially approached as a bodily exercise in a group, which quickly turns into real, contagious laughter. The concept is based on the scientific fact that “the body can’t tell the difference between spontaneous and simulated laughter”. 

What are the benefits?
Science confirms that the practice of Laughing Yoga increases longevity and reduces stress. It brings dynamism and optimism, boosts the immune system, and regulates sleep. Laughing encourages everyone to take a more positive approach to life in general, it fills the body with positive energy.

What is a typical session?
The “body rewards those who laugh”. Laughing Yoga truly is for everyone. A typical session is made up of letting go techniques, tension release techniques, anti-stress laughter to boost vitality and self-confidence, accompanied by some gentle stretching. A moment of relaxation and meditation brings the session to an ideal close.

Laughing for Charity?
Practicing Yoga beyond the mat, this evening is dedicated to the Charity Project “Light of Love” , supporting a school in Varanasi, India. Spreading some love, laughter & light around the world. 

Thank you dear Véronique 🙏

You did not get a spot?
Let me know – we will put you on the waiting list and keep you updated about future ones.


Let me introduce you to Véronique …

Véronique practices regularly in the Shala and we often share a good laughter after class. She is certified in Laughing Yoga and over a cup of tea we have born the idea to spread some laughter together. I can’t wait to participate in my first Laughing Yoga session.