Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga

Beautiful Mama, how are you feeling?

Where are you in your pregnancy? 
Do you support your body the best way?
Feeling confident and prepared for birth?
Or did you give birth recently? 
How is your pelvic floor doing?
Suffering from birth injuries?
Feeling insecure, which exercises are safe?
Searching for your Mama tribe to connect?

Prenatal Classes

Our Prenatal Yoga classes are classes of 60 mins for Mamas-to-be. Classes are for total beginners as well as experienced Yoginis.

In a safe setting you are practicing asanas (body poses) to keep you strong and mobile during your pregnancy and riding the waves of your body changes easier. All poses are amended to your personal needs and possible physical discomfort coming with pregnancy. 

Getting to know your body really well before delivery is also having an important impact on your postpartum healing phase (e.g., pelvic floor).

Additionally, you will learn a lot about breathing and how to use it during labour and birth. Various other tools and tips will support you on your journey into motherhood and towards a fearless, confident and empowered birth experience.

Practicing Yoga is considered safe after the 1. trimester. Still, just trust yourself. You know best, what is serving you and your baby.

Find space and time to yourself, enjoy bonding with your little one and connecting with your Mama tribe.


Postpartum Classes

Our Postpartum Yoga classes are 4 fixed classes of 75 mins for Mamas only. 

Why postpartum and not postnatal?
“Postnatal” usually refers to baby, while “postpartum” refers to the mother. Leave your baby with a loved one. since it is in these 75 mins really all about restoring and healing YOU.

At the earliest, these classes are recommended 6 weeks post birth (8 with a c-section). However, it is never too late and you can start your healing anytime, even years later.

During classes you are reconnecting to your breath and body. Checking in, how are you truly feeling? Physically and emotionally? Birth injuries and their impacts on the body are addressed openly (e.g., pelvic floor issues, diastasis recti). You are given safe exercises to practice at home as well as helpful tips, which can be integrated into your daily life easily. 

Enjoy exchanging with your Mama tribe and find your way (back) on your yoga mat.

Be kind to yourself, you have done a miraculous job.

June 2024
Wed, 12.6. / 19:30-20:45
Wed, 19.6. / 19:30-20:45
Wed, 26.6. / 19:30-20:45
Wed, 3.7. / 19:30-20:45

Recording provided for a missed session.

EUR 120,00 (incl. BTW)

new dates  – coming soon