Ashtanga Yoga

Do you search for traditional Yoga? 
An active, dynamic practice?
Strenghtening both your body & mind?
At the same time improving flexibility?
Being still isn’t your thing?
Are you eager to practice also at home?

Our Ashtanga Yoga classes are led classes of 75 mins for all levels. 

You are guided through a dynamic, fixed sequence of asanas (body poses), working systematically through the whole body, the organs and chakras. 

Soon you will remember the set sequence, which is why Ashtanga Yoga is perfect for building a home practice. 

Lots of technique and adjustments are given during classes, always amending poses to your personal needs. Even though you are practicing in a group, you are following your very own pace. 

Depending on time and group level, we might stop at Navasana or go further into the Primary Series. 

It is a myth, that Ashtanga Yoga is only for flexible and strong bodies. Everyone can practice it, don’t be shy or scared.

Ashtanga Yoga, with its combination of deep focused breathing (Ujjayi), energy locks (bandhas) and body movements (Vinyasa), is heating up and detoxifying the body. Other benefits of a regular practice are improved circulation, a flexible and at the same time strong body, better body awareness, prevention of injuries, increased focus and creativity and a calm mind.

Please let me know about high blood pressure, pregnancy (especially 1. trimester) or recent delivery.

Ashtanga Yoga traces its lineage to an ancient sage named Vamana Rishi
and has been passed down through the ages to Sri K. Pattabhi Jois during his studies with Sri T. Krishnamacharya.
The Sanskrit word “Ashtanga” literally means eight limbs and is defined by the sacred yogic text, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras as

Yama – moral codes
Niyama – self-purification/study
Asana – body posture
Pranayama – breath control
Pratyahara – sense control
Dharana – concentration
Dhyana – meditation
Samadhi – total peace