Cacao & Sound Bath


Sunday, 17.03.2024
(6 spots only)
Investment 40,00
(incl. btw, cacao, tea, snacks)

Listen to the sound of waves within you.

Experience the wonderful combination of cacao & sound this evening.

In a beautiful and special atmosphere, we will drink 100% pure ceremonial cacao. Cacao, full of minerals, antioxidants and so much more goodness, is known for relaxing the body and supporting your inwards journey. Drinking cacao is optional and you are welcome to join with tea.

Afterwards we will unwind and access deep rest with a sound bath.  

A sound bath is a meditative listening experience, during which your whole being, mind and body, is set into motion by the frequencies of the instruments. Through this resonance of body and sounds, you can reach deeply relaxing and meditative states, inviting rest, renewal, imagination and insight.

This evening the landscape of sounds is created by the highest quality crystal singing bowls which create a great spectrum of overtones on top of the base notes.


Cancellation – ticket is transferable.
You did not get a spot? Let me know – I’d love to put you on the waiting list.


Let me introduce you to Rebecca…

Our paths crossed along our Yoga journey. Sharing the same mother language, love for cacao and interest in harmonizing body, mind & soul, we soon felt that we want to bring our talents together and create some beautiful moments for you. Rebecca specializes in Yoga, meditation & sound.