Still Eyes, Still Mind

Candle Gazing Meditation (Trataka)

FRI, 14.10.2022, 19:30-21:00

Do you find it hard to meditate in stillness?
Or difficult to meditate at all?
Are you feeling restless, lacking concentration?
Longing for stillness, better sleep?
Are you suffering from itchy, weak eyes?

‘Trataka’ (Sanskrit “to look, gaze”) is an ancient silent meditation practice. It also serves as a “kriya”, purification process of the eyes.
Many objects can be used for the gazing process, though the flame of a candle is the most common one.

This simple technique has a purifying, invigorating and at the same time calming effect on the mind. It improves concentration, memory and willpower, balances the nervous system, relieves depression anxiety and insomnia, paving the way for a deeper meditation practice. It cleans and heals the eyes, promotes clear bright, strong and healthy eyes. It is said to bring energy to the third eye, your intuition.

Out of the main five senses, sight is arguably the most powerful.
80% of all sensory data we process, comes through our vision.
Yet, the use of smartphones & co results in ever more restless eyes and minds.

Candle gazing is for everyone (except epileptics).
There is no physical Yoga practice.
Come in comfortable clothes for relaxed sitting.
DO NOT WEAR LENSES, bring your glasses.