New Year Cacao


Sunday, 07.01.2024
(6 spots only)
Investment 36,00
(incl. btw, cacao, tea, snacks, wishing flag)

Cacao, Yoga Nidra & creating your wishing flag for 2024

This evening is all about leaving busy December and the holidays behind and starting with an open heart and fresh energy into the new year.

In a beautiful and special atmosphere, we will drink 100% pure ceremonial cacao. Cacao, full of minerals, antioxidants and so much more goodness, is known for relaxing the body and supporting your inwards journey. Drinking cacao is optional and you are welcome to join with tea.

After drinking cacao, we will unwind during a Yoga Nidra journey. Yoga Nidra, the famous yogic sleep, is a systematically guided meditation, working on all of your 5 layers (koshas). Ideally, it brings you to your home state, where body and brain rest and restore.

Finally, after shifting from thinking to feeling, we will create your wishing flag for 2024. What are your boldest dreams, deepest longings and heartfelt wishes for the world?


Cancellation – ticket is transferable.
You did not get a spot? Let me know – I’d love to put you on the waiting list.