Postpartum Breathwork

Friday, 10.11.2023
6 spots only
Investment 42,00
(incl. btw, tea, snacks)

Hosted by Babs & Angelika
@ Matlove Yoga, Weimarstraat 40, 2562 GZ Den Haag

Deep breaths are like little love notes to yourself.

This evening is for all Mamas, who gave birth weeks or maybe decades ago – wishing to release stuck emotions and stories along their journey of becoming a mother.

Pregnancy, giving birth & stepping into motherhood is filled with incredible magic but also big challenges. Mamas often find themselves on a hormonal roller coaster of overwhelming feelings, emotions and fears.

Pregnancies are not always easy and birth stories sometimes take an unexpected turn leaving Mamas disappointed, feeling overruled, hurt or traumatized.

Others struggle more with the first weeks or months of their postpartum phase. Taking care of baby 24h, meeting needs of siblings, partners… it can be a lot. And of course, the changed body, which might feel painful, disconnected, sleep-deprived and exhausted.

Dear Mama, know that all these feelings are so valid. They need space to heal. 

On this evening, we will create a safe space for you to do so. Together we will ground, connect, breathe & release. The conscious connected breath is such a precious tool to do so. Pace and intensity will be soft and there is no physical Yoga practice.

Conscious Connected Breathwork (Verbonden Ademhaling) differs in the technique from the Yogic breathing. It connects inhalations and exhalations (via mouth) without pausing in-between for a longer period. This deep breathwork brings more oxygen to your muscles, tissues and cells and you are getting literally more air. 

It can feel very intense, bringing up and releasing unprocessed emotions, old traumas or tensions.

Trust, that you are totally safe and that your breath is guiding you. It only brings to you what is serving you and you are capable of in that moment.

Please reach out before booking if you are
pregnant, early postpartum (less than 6-8 weeks) recovering from recent surgery,
experiencing acute psychological complaints, epilepsy, glaucoma,
heart/vascular diseases or high blood pressure.

Cancellation – ticket is transferable.
You did not get a spot? Let me know and I put you on a waiting list.

Let me introduce you to Babs…

Our ways crossed during a cacao & breathwork circle. I expected something totally different and was blown away by the intensity and effect it had on me. Since then, I have worked through quite some old pain and felt deep moments of peace. During all these breathwork circles I always appreciated Babs’ soft and caring energy as a facilitator. Also, I love Babs’ passion for fair cacao and bringing it from the heart of Guatemala to the Netherlands.

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