Yin & Yang Yoga

Do you search for a balanced class?
Covering an active and passive practice?
Strengthening and deep stretching?
Feeling physically/emotionally imbalanced?

Our Yin & Yang Yoga classes are led classes of 60 mins for all levels. 

Elements of Ashtanga and Yin Yoga are combined. The first 30 mins you are actively practicing sun salutations and standing poses. Afterwards, 30 mins of passive, long-held Yin asanas (3-5 mins) in sitting or lying are balancing the class.

Yin and Yang cannot be without each other. These opposite forces complement each other perfectly, thinking of sun & moon, day & night, light & darkness, feminine & masculine, rest & movement.

Learning to be in your element is a powerful tool. A harmonious Yoga practice can help you to balance your energy and feel more comfortable and at ease.

What is more dominant within you? 

Yin: passive, going with the flow, introvert, more a dusk/night person, tears are coming easily, loving nature’s elements earth & water

Yang: always active, maintaining control, extrovert, more a morning person, loud emotions, loving nature’s elements air & fire 

Please let me know about osteoporosis, pregnancy or recent delivery.